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GIDIGIO.. Happy Feet


We love to hear about our customer's travels.  Especially, when the travel is done by one of our GIDIGIO retailers, (and they could have taken any brand of shoes they wanted from their own stock)!  We're glad GIDIGIO made the cut.....

"My Gidigio shoes took me through the streets of Paris in comfort and style. I walked miles in them and recommend them for anyone traveling (also so light weight). I want another pair!"

Love those Italians!
Jayne - Jayne Siever - Pilgrim's Progress

GIDIGIO.. the warm fuzzy brand....

As GIDIGIO becomes known to more and more Americans, it's really nice to receive these types of messages!  We love seeing people discover their next favorite brand and enjoying the FALL 14 collection. 

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FALL 14.... modern has landed

Known for their innovative styling, the Italians have never designed, "pretty good" or "kind of inspiring". Check out GIDIGIO Fall 14 and see why our Italian friends again validate their standing as design visionaries.... Okay.. they’re just shoes, but doesn't it feel like a conquering army's return to Rome?.... right.. just shoes - Enjoy Fall 14.

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A new era... but, still old world craftmanship.

GIDIGIO is spreading the love via a new website.  Be sure to check in regularly as we continue to craft our site around our customer's requests.  Now www.c6wholesale.com is a great stop for all things GIDIGIO, from a running list of our retail partners and where GIDIGIO will show our new collection, to the latest styles [...]

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GIDIGIO... Made In Italy

 Is there a holly grail of shoes?  Hmm... if mixing looks with comfort at accessible prices fits the bill... well maybe.GIDIGIO is driven by modern design, old world craftsmanship and a commitment to quality.  Providing a line of shoes and boots that enable work, wine and walk is at the core of GIDIGIO's mission.The 3 [...]

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